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Magic lights, natural lights, cocooning lights...

Dernière mise à jour : 17 oct. 2021

When I take the dog out in the evening to do his business, I always pass in front of the cocoons, and often stop there to welcome our visitors. I particularly like to see the interior lights or the exterior garlands on, forming a kind of small sacred place and thus giving off a permanent Christmas atmosphere. Some guests even sometimes also bring their own garlands, in order to make the cocoons surroundings even more in a luminous and magical place!

And when in addition, the artificial light of cocoons and garlands mixes with natural lights, it becomes downright magical with an often pink sky here, and very beautiful sunset and sunrise lights. Obviously, these moments are deserved of course and last a few minutes, but it is often enough to get up early to enjoy the blue hour, or simply to stroll outside at the time of the golden hour and the sunset.

With the beautiful colors of autumn or spring, or with snow in winter, it adds yet another enchanting layer and I often feel like spending long minutes by strolling and observing the landscape.

Light pollution being practically non-existent in the hamlet, the sky is often very starry during the night, and it is common to observe there, in addition to a beautiful full moon or in the shape of a crescent, some shooting stars at the right time if you keep eyes opened.

Take the time to observe, wait for the good moment, and simply enjoy...

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