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A cocoon for every season

Dernière mise à jour : 17 oct. 2021

What I like about Cocoons is that they are all-season and fun at any time of the year. So obviously you are going to tell me that I am here to sell you a dream and that you may have no luck and end up here with 2-3 days of rain. Yeah, it's Belgium eh! Well, you are right! It is always better and more beautiful with the sun than with the rain. But summer, autumn, winter, spring, each period is pleasant and different and in case of bad weather, you can always chill, read a book, relax, take a wood-fire sauna, or make some kisses in a cosy place for sure! For a short stay as a couple to rekindle or maintain your love flame :-D

In autumn, it is often my favorite period because the colors are magnificent between mid-October and mid-November. If in addition, the Indian summer is there to give us a mild autumn, it is even better. It is also the period of the deer roaring in September that you can listen to or observe in the Anlier or Saint-Hubert forests, in dedicated observation areas. Then at the end of October, beginning of November, we still like to put a little creepy Halloween decoration :-)

In winter, if the weather is cold and dry, the Ardenne is also very pleasant and if you are lucky enough to have snow, it is terrible. Ok, snow in Belgium isn't every year, it's true! But we are lucky to be at an altitude of 500m high here and when it snows in Belgium, it always snows here! There is also a nice little descent into the fields just behind the Cocoons and we lend our sleds if you ever want to go back to childhood for a moment. It is also an opportunity in winter to observe squirrels and birds that often come out to feed.

In early spring then snowdrops and daffodils bloom, then wild garlic arrives in May! You can pick it and eat it plain in a toast, season your dishes, or make a homemade pesto. Wild garlic, so delicious in the pastas or in your plate!

And then when summer arrives, we simply enjoy the good weather and the sun, a good Belgian beer on the terrace, some rest in the hammock, a good sausage on the barbecue etc...

Here is the brief summary of a year, of 4 seasons here. Simply live to the rhythm of the seasons, in a cosy cocoon... One day, perhaps, I will live there alone when I will be old and widowed!

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